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Anyone can be a U.S. Masters Swimmer!

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) is a nonprofit national governing body that promotes health, wellness, fitness & 

competition for adults through swimming. There are many reasons to join USMS as an individual, or even a U.S. Masters swimming group in Oregon.  Swimming regular workouts with other swimmers adds fun and camaraderie of the sport of swimming, and encourages individuals to set new swimming goals.  


Swimming is a very mindful sport and habit with a multitude of physical and mental benefits.  Working with a swim coach enables anyone to grow into a better swimmer, simply by showing up and breathing!

Physical Benefits of Swimming:

  • Improved flexibility and strength.

  • Builds up endurance.

  • Increases muscular flexibility.

  • Muscular balance

  • Heart muscle becomes st.ronger.

  • Improves the physique.

  • Increases circulation & lowers systolic blood pressure.

  • Rehabilitates muscles.

  • Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight.

USMS Questionnaire answers of personal benefits gained from swimming:

  • Makes me happy.

  • Feel healthier.

  • Will allow me to live longer.

  • Improves my personal relationships.

  • Gives me more energy.

  • Perform better at work.

  • Able to channel my competitiveness constructively.

  • Gives me confidence socially.

  • Helped me overcome personal fears .


What Swimmers Want From Their USMS Coaches:


1.   Assistance improving water confidence & endurance abilities.

2.   Assistance improving coordinated / patterned / body rhythm-based breathing .

3.   Assistance making swimming fun.

4.   Assistance creating continual swim workouts.

5.   Assistance with stroke mechanics.

6.   Someone to hold the athlete accountable.

7.   Someone to challenge the athlete.

8.   Someone to help the athlete establish realistic & manageable goals.

9.   Someone who can refers athletes to other Industry professionals / swimming events / swimming gear

10.  Encouragement to swim well regularly!!!


If you are interested in joining U.S. Masters Swimming, you can find Official Membership Registration information here.

USMS offers a 30-day tryout (guest membership) for prospective members who would like to try out a couple of workouts before joining a Masters program. One tryout period per lifetime is allowed, and must not exceed 30 consecutive days.  During the 30-day tryout period the swimmer may participate in swim practices, clinics, or swim lessons only. The 30-day tryout may not be used for competitive events such as swim meets or open water swim races. 

If you are interested in trying a 30-day guest membership U.S. Masters Swimming, you can find it here.

Once you become a U.S. Master's Swimming member, you now have access to:

- Work with a certified USMS coach online / in person;

- Fully covered by USMS General liability insurance due to membership. 

- Pool locator database;

- Log-in access to online swimming programs to keep your swimming interesting.

- Access to Life Insurance, based on being a U.S Masters Swimmer, because you are healthier!


As well as, Great discounts on quality name brand swimming gear & much more!

As a USMS Level 2 Certified Coach and ALTS Certified Coach, my mission is to promote lifelong fitness and fun by offering organized swimming for adults of all ages and ability levels!  With so many types of swimmers out there, I love working with individuals of all ages to provide organized and supportive workouts, which help the swimmer to set goals and reach them.  No matter if the goal is to utilize swimming for therapeutic or rehabilitative movement; to learn better stroke technique and improve your endurance; improve your open water swimming; compete in a triathlon or even enter into swimming competitively, I can work with you to make sure you perform your best!

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